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Gary's Newsletter 380 : Passion, Business and Social Networks

Posted by Gary R Collins on April 21, 2010 Comments 0


Several weeks ago (January 30-February 5) The Economist published a special report on social networking. I found it boring and not very enlightening. In contrast, a recent New York Times best seller by Gary Vaynerchuk is lively, inspiring, sometimes abrasive, and filled with what one needs to know about using social networks to disseminate ideas and connect with other people.

The book Why Now is the Time to Crush It! Cash in on your Passion came to may attention because a trusted friend recommended that I read it. The author shows how traditional advertising, newspapers, books, television, and business are all being changed by the Internet. He argues that anyone with a passion can build a brand, develop a business and/or spread a message by understanding and using social networking. The book reflects egotistical values and hype that could alienate some readers but Vaynerchuyk is incredibly practical in showing how even novices (like me) can harness the power of the Internet to communicate widely and effectively. This book may be worth reading even if your only goal is to understand the developing power of contemporary social media. Here are some random ideas:

  • Take some time to get a clear picture of your passion. This is what you enjoy doing, maybe more than anything else in the world.
  • Become an expert in your area of passion.
  • Ponder how you could best communicate your ideas to others. Start by developing great content. Try to make it the best available.
  • Then decide on a platform for delivering your messages. Best bet may be a video, audio and/or written blog. Forget one-way communication tools (including newsletters like this one). Make two way interaction easy and interesting.
  • If you don't understand social networking get help from somebody who does.
  • Focus on building connections with others. Business opportunities could appear but if your main motivation is making money, "you won't keep it up. It's too much work. You will get tired and frustrated." Eventually it will fold.
  • Do you think this is worth considering?


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